Our formulas are designed to achieve wellness from within

Herbal ingredients from Sva herbal remedies

In Sanskrit, the word Sva refers to a world of one’s own. A positive idea of the self, which exists inside us.

We believe that by listening closely to the needs of our body and mind, we can achieve wellness from within.

Through self awareness and understanding, we can live a better, more balanced life.

To help maintain optimum health, our formulas and supplements can be taken as reactive or proactive supplements.*


Approaching the body as a holistic system with powerful natural capabilities, which requires a level of care in order to flourish.

We have been inspired by teachings from ancient, natural Chinese remedies with a fusion of Eastern and Western herbalist techniques protected and maintained into the present to create our supplements. Turning to the wisdom of the Earth’s apothecary to produce simple gluten-free and vegan formulas, free from additives and preservatives.

Building on the foundations of good health to help support immunity, digestion, circulation, sexual health and a clear state of mind.

RANGE: Chinese Herbal Formulas

Six classic formulas and one specialist formula developed by master practitioner Dr Ning Ma (NYC), inspired by the fundamentals of ancient traditional Chinese remedies. A practice which has been used for thousands of years, which views the body and mind as an integrated whole. This range focuses on the five elemental organs and helps support a healthy, modern lifestyle with high quality, natural ingredients.*

Raw natural ingredient used in Sva supplements

RANGE: Micronutrient Supplements

Sva Micronutrient Supplements are crafted with high-quality raw ingredients and are completely free of unnecessary technological additives. Taken in capsule form, they can help support everyday mind and body functions, making them well-suited to those with a busy lifestyle who wish to supplement their daily wellness routine.*


To maintain a healthy mood and a positive outlook*


In traditional Chinese remedies, it is believed that the spirit resides in the Heart. If the Heart is not appropriately nourished, the mind can become agitated.

Sva uplift dietary supplement bottle